Return Back

Tech Destination Important Terms:

  1. You’re required to buy from our Affiliated link by clicking on the tittle of the product.
  2. Upon purchase completion you have to fill the Post Purchase Google form. Click here for the form.
  3. If you are selected at the end of the Return back event, We’ll contact you on the email that you have provided to us, and await for your response for 24 hours,in case if we don’t get any, the Return back may get availed to the next on list.
  4. There total amount for The Return back is 4500 INR. You may get any discrete value from 200INR or to the full value,whichever is generated by
  5. We will first try to attempt using the modes you’ll mention on the Post-Purchase Google Form, if multiple of them fails, then an Amazon gift voucher of the same amount will be issued and sent to the Email provided.
  6. Thats it 😉

In case you’re interested in buying and entering in the event,but there is no affiliation link from us to the product that you’re looking for please share the product detail with us here and we will provide you the Affilated link as soon as possible with a maximum of 24 hours of time